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Newport Beach Real Estate Market

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Higher prices expected ahead from Real Estate speculation being alive and well.  The upward momentum in the market is not to be trifled with. Such strength is viewed as the type of behavior seen at the outset of a … [Read More...]

Timing the Market – Sell Now!

The time of year you decide to sell your house can mean the difference of + or - 10% of your sales price. If you’ve been following my advice over the past several years my forecasts have been correct and those … [Read More...]

A Buyers Market

My last post A Maturing Bull Market confirms my forecast for the year. As I explained from January to July inventory would remain low allowing sellers to be on control, and as soon as July hit inventory increased … [Read More...]

A Maturing Bull Market

As forecasted in December and reiterated in February the market has performed accordingly. Prices shot up as expected as … [Read More...]

Perfect Conditions

The current market reminds me of those rare January beach days when we get sunny 80 degree days, a surprise swell from the south to warm the water, 5-6 ft waves, and offshore winds. This is one of those days in … [Read More...]

Sellers Market

The best time to sell a property is the first six months of the year when demand is high and inventory is low. For the past three years the second week in January is when the real estate market takes off. Prices … [Read More...]