Will The Bull Repeat?

If seasonal script plays out, first quarter home prices will be bullish. Over the past three years starting at the bottom of the market in January 2012, prices of homes in Newport Beach made their biggest gains in the first 6 months every year.(see chart below) Recap of 2014 The beginning of 2014 saw prices […]

A Slow End To 2014

Is the reset in prices a sign of stability?  The bull had a 40% run up in prices from the bottom in early 2012 to the peak in June of this year. A run up in prices like that often forecasts a climax top. The market needs to find a new base to stabilize, thus […]

Market Pullbacks, Promise or Peril?

Is this correction a late inning move or are we in a middle inning move? Time will tell, but the fact of the matter is we are in a correction. As volume picks up on the sell side pressure is building for sellers to price their properties at market value. There is now a large […]